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We offers tours that are perfect for Scout groups, youth groups, students and even preschoolers. Tours are approximately 1 1/2 hours. Please contact us to schedule.  

Price starts at $4.00 per person (small item).

  • Greenware Room - see samples of greenware (clay objects that have been shaped but not fired).

  • Bisque Room - see samples of bisque (clay objects that have been bisque fired).

  • Mold Room - see where molds are stored

  • Pouring Room - demonstration of pouring greenware and explanation of kiln process

  • Class Room - demonstration of cleaning greenware and samples of painting techniques shown. Ceramic project painted by each to take home.

Price starts at $11.00 per person for 3 Week Sessions (larger item).

Week 1: Pour and open molds

Week 2: Clean greenware

Week 3: Paint bisque

Group Tours

Upcoming Classes

Check back for upcoming classes such as learning to paint this plate.

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